Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ho Chi Minh - former Saigon (25.07.09)

This is a city where I seriosly considered staying for a while. It is very animated, alive and exotic. The night life is impressive here, seems life everybody is having a good time. I visited the War Remnant Museum, which is dedicated of course to the Vietnam war, and also the Reunification Palace. I walked around the city center quite long. I took a day tour to the Cu Chi tunnels, a vast network of tunnels. I got down in one and went for about 100 meters, not easy a all. Another day trip I took was to the Mekong delta, and it was pretty nice.
I visited Vietnam out of season - in the rainy season. It does rain almost every day, and at times it rains hard. The good part is that the entire country is so green. I hope I will come back some day.

Mui Ne (17.07.09)

Mui Ne is a small village that has became a sea resort, but the reason I came here was not the beach, but the sand dunes nearby. I rented a motorcycle and went first to the white sand dunes, which are about 40 km away. It look a little bit of Sahara, I guess (until I make it to the real dessert, this will do it). It rained hard the night before, and this made the color of sand a light brown rather than white; also, it was easier to climb it. The red sand dunes are a lot closer to the vilage, and cover a smaller surface, but nevertheless they make an interesting scenery. The beach of Mui Ne strech on few kilometers, and plenty of coconuts are around. A small fishing village is there and there are tens of boats on the beach.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Da Lat (15.07.09)

This is an interesting town. It is located at about 1500 meters altitude. A lot of people come here to escape the heat. I only spent 4 days here, but the weather was rather bad. It rained every single day, for hours, and at times was raining hard. Otherwise, it could be nice. The city is busy and looks like a mountain resort (without snow). In the evening there are many neon lights.
I rented a motorbike and went to see Pongour waterfalls, about 50 km away. It was well worth it, as the waterfall is beautifull. On my way back it started raining. Not so much fun riding the bike, but I made it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nha Trang (11.07.09)

I spent few days in this city, mainly at the beach. It is nice, but not as good as beaches from Thailand or Malaysia. The water is not that clear or warm. A new experience that I had was parasailing. It is somehow intersting and fun. I had to try it for myself. It is not as intense as skydiving or exhilirating fun as paragliding. The night life is pretty intersting in this city, there are bars and cafe everywhere and there are parties on the beach.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Son (06.07.09)

No, I do not have a child. This is how is called the site of Cham empire ruins. It had the power few hundreds years ago. The relics are interesting. It a rather unique architecture. I have entered all the ruins. They look so big on outside and so small inside. The location of the site, in the mountains, make the place more mysterious. It is 40 km from Hoi An. I rented a motorbike to get there and back. I almost forgot the joy of riding in the countryside.

Hoi An (05.07.09)

This city is on the UNESCO list, along Hue, Lijiang and Dali, but from all I definetely like it the most. It is small. There are 3 main streets running parallel with the river. Yes, they looks like shopping alleys, but still it is interesting. There is a covered japanese bridge and few old trade houses beautiful maintained. The river along the city is actually picturesque a coupe of kilometers downstream. It has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Hue (04.02.09)

Hue is an old town I visited on my way down south. There is an old city surrounded by a wall (named the Citadel). There I visited the Imperial Pallace. They are trying to restore it but still it is in bad shape. I wasn't very impressed. There is also a river running through the city and the riverside is pretty nice. Plenty of French buildings around this area.

Ha Long Bay (02.07.09)

One of the most beautiful sites in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. I took a 2 days one night tour to this place. I have seen something simillar in Thailand (Phang Nga and Ang Thong) but not exactly the same. I have visited there a couple of nice caves. I think I was lucky to have good weather this time of year. There are hundreds of mountains coming out of water. In the afternoon I did a bit of kayaking, and before the dinner some diving from the boat (4-5 meters) and swimming. The water was warm but not clear. The bay is marketed as a romantic place. It was definetely worth seeing it.