Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ho Chi Minh - former Saigon (25.07.09)

This is a city where I seriosly considered staying for a while. It is very animated, alive and exotic. The night life is impressive here, seems life everybody is having a good time. I visited the War Remnant Museum, which is dedicated of course to the Vietnam war, and also the Reunification Palace. I walked around the city center quite long. I took a day tour to the Cu Chi tunnels, a vast network of tunnels. I got down in one and went for about 100 meters, not easy a all. Another day trip I took was to the Mekong delta, and it was pretty nice.
I visited Vietnam out of season - in the rainy season. It does rain almost every day, and at times it rains hard. The good part is that the entire country is so green. I hope I will come back some day.

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