Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another 2 days on Tioman Island (10.03.09))

Yesterday was rainy most of the day. I didn't do much, just red some more on Malaysia and came up with a travel plan. I also went to the next beach all the way till the airport. It is amazing how pilots can land a big plane on such a small strip surrounded by mountains.
Today weather seems to get better, so I went again for snorkeling. Unfortunately, the water visibility wasn't that great like 2 days ago, buy I still enjoyed. I saw again a turtle, 2 sharks at the same time, thousand fish. I spent most of the day snorkeling or laying on a secluded beach (Monkey beach). In the evening I went again for happy hour deal at a small beach bar. In Malaysia alcohol is expensive, but on this island there is duty free so that explains it.

Expenses (RM)
breakfast 5
lunch 12.5
water 3.5
laundry 9
dinner 3.5
snorkel rental 8
room 2x30=60
beer 10
burger 3
breakfast 12

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