Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tokyo (17.05.09)

Forget Singapore. Forget Hong Kong. Forget Shanghai. If I have to chose only one big city that it's worth visiting, that's Tokyo. I don't know how do they do it. the city is very big, it is the most dense populated. I think if you count the suburbs, there are 35 million people living in the Great Tokyo. Yet, the city is very clean. the traffic is not that bad. The transportation system is probably the best. There are so many trains and tracks. There are quite a few subway lines. I went by skytrain and I think I was about 30 meters above ground. The architecture is very simple but yet stylish. This city seems to me a city from the future. I think what is so different from other cities is the respect the people have for each other. Every day I went to an area and walk for hours. Shinjuku is the tall building area; Shibuya, teenagers and clothes; Ginza, the most expensive commercial area; Asakusa, the biggest temple attraction - I saw a festival here; Tsujiki, the famous fish market; Roppongi, night clubs; Ueno, park an and museums; Akihabara, electronics stores. Chiyoda, Imperial Palace garden.
The only one think I don't like about Tokyo is that it is way too expensive.

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