Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yangtze River cruise (02.05.09)

The boat left the Congquing dock at 9pm. The view of the city was nice, unfortunately it was raining. Early in the morning was a little bit better - the rain has stopped but it was still foggy. The boat stopped at Fengdu - the City of Ghosts, and then went on. In the evening stopped at Zhang Fei Temple. For the entire day the weather wasn't good. It was interesting to see towns and factories along the river.
The next day was the best part of the trip. First the boat went through Quatang Gorge. I guess on a good day the view would be great, but because was foggy couldn't see too far and clear. The cliffs around were so green. Around noon the boat stopped and we transfered on a smaller boat, for the Little 3 Gorges. I liked this 6 hour trip even more than the main cruise. The gorges are narrower and cliffs seems taller. This trip included a small cruise (40 minutes) to mini gorges, where we took much small boat and went around a very narrow river. On the way back we saw some monkeys on the cliffs
On the last day we went through Wu Gorge - it was the most impressive gorge on the Yangtze River, and the cliffs around were spectacular. There were many caves and waterfalls along. The boat didn't reach the famous dam, I just saw it from the bus to Yichang.

Expenses (yuan)
noodles 16
breakfast 15
beer 9
fruits 5
water 4
food 10
train ticket 360
icecream 10
dinner 15

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