Monday, April 27, 2009

The Great Wall (24.04.09)

I returned to Guilin, and from there I took a train to Beijing. It took 23 hours to get there, and my ticket was standing,meaning I didn't even have a seat. After many hours of standing I did get a seat, but I couldn't sleep. I arrived at Beijing pretty tired.
In the morning I went to The Great Wall, about an hour bus ride outside from the city. I chose to go to the most popular site, Badaling. It looks just like a wall, but very big and long. I have seen it before on TV and in reality it looks even better. I have walked a couple of hours on it. There were thousand of tourist, even the weather wasn't good - it was very windy and cloudy.
In the evening I went to Tiananmen Square. They say this is the world's largest public square, but to me it didn't look that big. I was a bit disappointed.

Expenses (Yuan)
breakfast 4
bed in a dorm 45
bus badaling 2x12
subway 2x2
water 2.5
great wall entrance 45
lunch 10
dinner 8
beer 3

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