Sunday, April 12, 2009

Semporna (04.04.09)

I have spent and entire day and night on the road. From Bandar I took a bus to Muara (45 minutes), and from there a boat to Labuan Island in Malaysia. In 3 hours I had till the next boat I walked the streets and had lunch. Since the island was duty free, I enjoyed a cheap beer. From Labuan it took 3 hours boat ride to reach KK (Kota Kinabalu). I had another 4 hours to spent till the night bus to Semporna, where I arrived at 4:40 am. I found accommodation on a beautiful chalet on the water (named Singamata). They had there a restaurant and a natural aquarium, with lots of big fish. At 9:30 am I went for diving, at the nearby island Sibuan. I dove 2 times and then one more time after lunch. I as very lucky to find a spot for the next day trip to Sipadan island. There is a limit of 120 people that can dive daily at this place, and you have to wait few days- sometimes a week - to get a spot, if you don't have advance booking. I had the best diving day at the Sipadan island. I 3 dives (at barracuda point, south point, hanging gardens) I have seen around 50 sharks and 15 turtles, plus thousands of other fish and awesome corals. For the first time I was swimming next to a turtle and even had my palm on her back. Diving here is expensive but it worth every single cent. The third day I dove 2 more times around Semporna, but after Sipadan it wasn't too exciting.

Expenses (RM)
bus Muara 2 Brunei $
ferry 17 Brunei $
lunch 7
boat KK 34
dinner 7
bus Semporna 40
package 2 days 1 night/ 7 dives 425 Singamata
package 3 dives Sipadan 446
room+2meals Singamata 40

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