Monday, April 20, 2009

Li River cruise (19.04.09)

The cruise on the Li River is one of the top attraction in China. The scenery is so beautiful so they decided to put it on the 20 yuan banknote. I booked the western group tour (with english guide), and at the pier I was so surprised there were 15 boats going one after another. I guess it is a pretty popular trip. It lasts 3 and half hours and runs downriver to Yangshuo for about 55 km. There are hundred of peaks along the river and all I have to say is that is truly beautiful. I was lucky to get good weather, I wasn't really expecting this after yesterday's rain. There was some food and beer on the boat, not enough though. I have found the price very high for a (jobless) backpacker, but I went for it since it's a one time in life event.

Expenses (Yuan)
cruise 360

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