Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hanoi (30.06.09)

I came back to Lao Cai and took a night train to Hanoi. It's an unique and unbelievable city. There are so many beautiful buildings, all having French colonial architecture. The city is very crowded. There is a river of motorcycle flowing down the streets. Crossing the street is not easy, but can be done. In the center there is the Hoan Kiem lake. The most of the touristics sites are around this lake, in either Old quarter or French quarter. I visited the Ho Chi Min mausoleum - same soviet style like others. The presidential palace is so lovely. The Opera house is another attraction. I visited the Temple of Literature but was not too impressed. I read about Hoa Lo Prison (named Hanoi Hilton) but it didn't seem so scary from outside. One-Pillar Pagoda was somehow interesting. I passed on the Ho Chi Min museum. The army museum was close and didn't bother to come another day.
It is hot during the day. If that's not enough, it also rains every day. Despite all this, there is an undefined charm and it's a cool experience being here.

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