Friday, June 26, 2009

Tiger Leaping Gorge (15.06.09)

This is definetely the nicest hike I had on this vacation. It was somehow easy and the scenery was so beautiful. The first park was a gentle but long slope. After lunch I had to put a little effort to go up few hundred meters. The last part of the hike in the first day was pretty much at the same level, more like a walk in the park. At the guesthouse I stayed I had a well deserved beer. The mountains on the other side of the gorge are majestic. The conds part of the hike was very easy, I just went down.
The legend says that the gorge is so narrow a tiger could leap from one side to the other (using a big rock in the middle of the river). The rock seems to be the main attraction of the place, since I saw around 30 buses full of tourists who came to see it.

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