Friday, June 26, 2009

Lijiang (21.06.09)

Lijiang is an UNESCO site. The old city looks a lot like Dali; the difference are that the streets are narrow and have many turns and there are few canals filled with running water. The city is so crowded and full of tourists. There is one street full of bars, one after another.
One of the attractions is the Black Dragon Pool. Is a park with a nice lake; there is an arched bridge accross it and a pagoda. I also climb the Elephant hill from where I had a panoramic view across the city. I didn't find anything in the new Lijiang city; just a tipical big chinese city.
I went to the north of the city to visit Baisha but I was dissapointed. Another day I went to the west ot the city to visit a traditional village. The view from the hills was nice, but we couldn't find anybody home.

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