Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random notes (15.02.09)

Since I came to Thailand I wear flip-flops, except few times, when going hiking or visiting temples. The problem with that is when walking on the beach and getting sand between my feet and the flip-flops; it acts like sand paper and caused me some minor bruises.
The proper way to use mosquito net is to tuck it in around the mattress. Even so, some mosquito repellent can be useful. I use the mosquito net anytime I can. It's not like a single mosquito bite will cause malaria, but better be safe than sorry.
The first day on Railay, when crossing on the rocks from West beach to Tonsai, my foot slipped on the rock and I fell on my ass. Still hurts after 3 days. The second day I just almost fell; still got a superficial cut on my arm. This is what happens when I am being overconfident.
I drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily. I got used to eat twice a day, first time 11 to 12, second time 6 to 7 in the evening, when I'm not on the road. I haven't got sick to my stomach yet, and I ate mostly food from the street vendors. I did got a little bit bored with same kind of food. The heat doesn't make me very hungry.
The running water on this island is salty, unlike I've seen so far. I am not sure they treat the water right, so I decided to brush my teeth with bottled water. The sound of jungle is loudest in the morning. It is like all the animals slept on the wrong side of the bed and are very nervous.
I saw a lot of monkey climbing on the cliffs, some 50 meters above the ground; they beat any world rock climbing champion.
I met a German couple and exchange some travel info among others. They asked me where I live and I told them I live where I am. They looked so confused.
So far I have seen more tourist than locals. It's like I'm somewhere in Europe.
I do not know anymore what day of the week is. I care only about the day of the month.
My laptop got a virus, I think. The screen is just black right after restart. It does work in the safe mode.
I thought that I will be excited by this journey every single day; it looks more like every 2 days. It is the novelty that gets me excited; the second day I just feel peaceful. Before I am about to get bored, I just hit the road, looking for something else.
I can see a pattern in my actions. The first thing I do when arriving in a new place is finding accommodation. Then, I just explore the surroundings until I get familiar with the place, and see all the point of interest. After that I may allow myself a day of relaxation and then get going.
It's a good habit to check both directions when crossing the street. Sometimes the car will came from the other way.
Another good habit is always ask for the price before.


Anonymous said...

I'm finally able to see your blog because at work it's blocked from the server, and at home I don't have time for anything.. I guess it was a wise decision for you to make the move, as the trip is very interesting and all the pictures from beach are just stunning. But where and how are the girls? Too many confusing info in this Canadian environment.. just needs some clarity. All the best and keep "moving"! Ramona

cbalasa said...

The girls here and on all the other islands are young and beautiful europeans.. As for Thais, I heard the beautiful ones are on the mainland; rarely seen one.