Sunday, April 12, 2009

Macau (09.04.09)

I took a very early (7am) flight to Macau. I have found accommodation in the centre of the city and then strolled around the streets. I started at the Senate Square, went by Sao Domingo church to the most famous landmark, the ruins of Sao Paulo church. Very close to it was Fortalez do Monte. I went then to Guia Lighthouse and beautiful chinese garden Lou Lim Ieoc. In the evening I went to visit the casinos. The Lisboa casino is in the center of Macau. I was surprised to find out they only play with Hong Kong dollars, not with local currency MOP (patacas). There are many casinos around, the city wants to be the Las Vegas of the Asia, but is far away when it cames to the lively atmosphere. Thanks to the casinos free shuttles, I went on Taipa Island to the biggest casino, Venetian. It does resembles a lot the Venetian in Las Vegas, but it was half empty. I guess the financial crisis is felt here too. I was thinking that sometimes my life was like flipping channels on TV. One day I was deep in the jungle, the very next day I was in the most luxurious casino. The dramatic change made the visit to Macau even more enjoyable.
The next day I walked randomly on the streets. The european influence can be seen in so many places. In the evening I went again to the casinos. I was looking for the atmosphere, and there is some inside. Funny thing that other than roulette, all the games are entirely different that one I am used to. I guess I do miss Las Vegas.
There is a place, called fisherman Wharf, that has a long street with casinos and some different buildings; it even has a volcano, a chinese temple, Alladin fort, some european building. It is the vague resemblance of the strip in Vegas

Expenses (MOP)
room 100 bus jetfoil 4
bus center 4
breakfast 25
lunch 30
water 10
diner 40
gamble 20
room 200
breakfast 20
lunch 30
gamble 20
diner 35

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