Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wildlife around Kinabatangan river (07.04.09)

From Semporna I took a morning bus to Sandakan. I got off at the junction with Sepilok from where I walked 10 minutes to Uncle Tan operation base. Here I booked a 3 days/2 nights tour. From the base we took a minibus to a village (1hr) and from there a boar upriver (1 hr) to the camp. This was the worst ever river cruise, as it was raining hard, the boat didn't have a roof, and I was getting cold. The accommodation were very basic bungalows, they didn't even have doors. In the evening it stopped raining for a while, and we took another river cruise to look for animals. In the morning we got food weather and took another river cruise, followed by breakfast, a smaller cruise and a walked in the jungle. After lunch we went for another cruise on the river, followed by a night walk in the jungle after dinner. The most notable animals I saw in this 3 days were orangutans, proboscis monkeys, gibbons, eagles, flying foxes (the largest kind of bats). The third day we returned to the base. My original plan was to take a bus to KK, but since there were no showers at the camp, I took the afternoon bus to KK. In the evening I took a bed in a dorm. A good shower with hot water, having my laundry done and few hours of sleep, and life is good again.

Expenses (RM)
bus Sandakan 40
package 3d/2n 320
bus KK 35
room 22
TShirt 10
watch 15
sunglasses 18
dinner 10

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