Monday, February 23, 2009

Angthong National Marine Park (22.02.09)

Yesterday I left Ko Tao in the morning with an express boat. I arrived in Ko Samui a bit after lunch time. I decided to stay in the town (Nathon), very close to pier, instead of going to some beach. I got myself a very nice and spacious room in an old hotel. For the first time, I had a TV in my room. It reminded me a bit of the good life I had once in Philippines, when I was living in 4 star hotels. After I checked in I shopped around for a tour of Angthong park. Patience paid off, I got a good price. Later I explored a bit the port city, and went to a night market.This morning I was first of the boat, so I chatted a bit with the staff. They told me they used to have a lot more tourists. We arrived at the park after an hour and half. The marine park is composed of 42 small islands, close to each other, about 31 km northwest of Ko Samui. We did a little bit of the kayaking, and then went to Ko Mee Ko (mother island). Here, in the middle of the island, is an emerald saltwater lake, connected with the sea by underground tunnels. The lake (Thale Nai) was so beautiful. I wish I could swim right then and there, but it is prohibited. We went back to the boat, had lunch and then went to another island, Ko Wau Ta Lap (sleeping cow). Here I went to the view point, a pretty step climb of 500 meters. My effort has been well rewarded. The view from the top was just breath-taking. After I descended I had a good swim in the bay.In the evening I have watched a show - it was actually a charity event - right from my hotel room. It was a couple of bands playing popular american songs, followed by traditional Thai dances.

Expenses (bath)
laundry 70
internet 20
water 10
room 350
lunch 80
AngThong tour 800
icecream 29
juice 26
water 9
sunglasses 80
bateries 25
room 300
ticket Khao Sok 350
dinner 85

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