Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exploring Ko Lanta (10.02.09)

Finally, a good night sleep. Although I was woken up at 5:30 by the noise from a nearby mosque (island is Muslim, I guess it was the morning prayer), I felt rested. I spent most of the day on motorbike. After I was picked up and brought to the new resort, I left my stuff in the room, dropped of my laundry, had brunch and rented a motorcycle. Ko Lanta is about 27 km long, and about 4 km wide. I have circled the island 2 times. I managed to do some shopping - better sun lotion, mosquito repellent, t-shirt and hat. It's wasn't as cheap as expected. The highlights of this trip would be:-fantastic view of Andanaman sea and few islands from the viewpoint restaurant-beautiful secluded Klong something beach-sea gypsy village-old Lanta town-riding motorbike off road I had a little bit of hard time to remember where I left my laundry and from where I rented the bike, since there are so many places. Looks like the people who provide this services don't know either, so you could pick up somebody else laundry. I also noticed today that most tourist on this island are Germans. In the evening I walked a lot on the beach. It was full moon tonight.

Expenses (bath)
boat ticket Ko Lanta 470
meals 2x40 = 80
water 15
motorbike rental 150
gas 120
mango shake 40
sunscreen 300
mosquito repellant 110
milk 48
t-shirt 180
hat 200
laundry 30
bateries 32
internet 78
breakfast 60
water, milk 40
banana pancake 25
internet 20
water 15
dinner 120

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