Saturday, February 14, 2009

Railay east, west (12.02.09)

Yesterday morning I moved to another resort, in a bungalow on the beach. This is on a different beach which is very good for swimming. So I spend the morning and afternoon at the beach, just enjoying the water, the sun, the beach. The resort had a bar on the beach and they had magic mushroom on their menu. Also they had happy mushroom. I don't know the difference, but I'm pretty sure those mushroom have some funky effects on the brain. I wasn't curious to try, as a matter a fact I didn't even get a beer. For some reason, the bungalow was getting very hot, despite the fan running.Today I felt full of energy so I hit the road again (so to speak). I took a boat to Railay. This is a peninsula but is so isolated that feels like an island. It can be reached only by boat. This place has beautiful cliffs, fine white sand and clear water. Because I arrived in the afternoon, I was only able to get a room somehow expensive (for a backpacker budget), on the east side, and this after half on hour of searching. Afterwards I went exploring the island. The west side is very expensive, but this is where is the fine beach (on the east side the beach is not usable, just mangroves). There is a third beach, very rocky, which is favourite by backpackers and/or climbers. I went exploring uphill a long way, by the time I got back it was getting dark. A little bit later I went to a reggae concert, some guys named job2do.

Expenses (bath)
breakfast 70
milk 49
internet 25
room 700 Rapala
water 30
dinner 60

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