Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little bit of hiking at Ko Tao (19.02.09)

I was thinking to explore the island by foot, since it's not that big. I spent a little bit more time in the bed in the morning, and after breakfast I was on my way to the first viewpoint. I left about 10 am, and when I got there was 11:30 am. The viewpoint it's only about 400 meters above the sea level, but the heat was just too much. I was completely exhausted. I have no desire to continue this way; I could have a heat stoke. I decided to come back to bungalow and either way go by motorcycle or go very early in the morning another day. I have spent the evening at the beach. It did rain for about 20 minutes, I liked it.

room 300
batteries 70
breakfast 69
beer 70
mango shake 50
internet 30

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