Thursday, February 26, 2009

Khao Sok waterfalls (26.02.09)

Today I went for a hike in the park. I left 9 am and returned 4:30 pm, and covered about 16 km. I went on trails leading to 7 waterfalls mainly on the Sok river. If you are not into hiking, definitely it wouldn't worth the effort. Only 2 waterfalls were a little bit bigger, but nothing spectacular. I saw few monkeys, a big lizard (about 0.8m) and a snake (about 2m). I also saw 3 tourists that made it all the way to the top waterfall (where I swimed a little bit). This is probably the longest I have gone for a hike, surprisingly I wasn't too tired. I am sure that in the wet season these waterfalls and probably the entire park is more impressive, for now I will say just it was nice.
In the evening I checked my mail and was glad to see I got some pictures from diving at Ko Tao.

Expenses (bath)
breakfast 70
water 20
lunch 60
water 20
room 250

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