Thursday, February 26, 2009

Khao Sok National Park - Cheow Lan lake (25.02.09)

I have booked earlier a joint ticket to Khao Sok. I took an express boat in the morning to Don Sak, from there a bus to Surat Thani, 2 times transfer by pickup truck, and then a minibus to Khao Sok. I arrived 2 hours later than I was told, but I coped well. I learnt that this is how it is, and getting angry or upset will do me no good, neither will change anything. Besides, what's the rush? I have found a decent bungalow close to the park entrance and for the first time I've been in Thailand, I had hot water. I was actually happier for the free wi-fi. I booked a 2 day jungle tour by the lake.So yesterday in the morning we went about 60 km east, where there is Rajjaphapa dam, and from there we took a long tail boat for about an hour to the floating raft houses. The lake is huge, 165 sq. km., and all around there are mountains and jungle. Everything is so green. I really liked the lake and the fact we were so isolated. We took the boat and went around to see animals. We did see many monkeys. After lunch I had a good swim in the lake; the water was clean and warm. Later I took a kayak and ventured through channels. It was so beautiful, I could have gone for hours. In the evening we went out again by the boat to see more animals.Today we went trekking through the jungle. The highlight was going through a big cave. Although I have seen more spectacular caves before, I did find this one interesting. Inside there were hundreds of bats. The second half of the cave was not do interesting, but for the sake of diversity we went ahead instead of returning to the same entry. We had to go through cold and waist deep water to cross it.

Expenses (bath)
milk 24
toothpaste 45
lunch 30
mango 20
room 250
dinner 70
water 20
durian 60
overnight trip 2000
room 250
ice cream 20
park fee 100
dinner 60

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