Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leaving Bucharest (02.02.09)

Finally, it was time to go on the lifetime trip. I was so ready. I arrived at the train station around 12pm, just 10 minutes before the train was leaving. Two old fellows were traveling in the same cabin. It took 22 hours to get to Istanbul. Somehow, I handled it well, maybe because I slept as much as I could.
In the few hours I spent in Istanbul I could notice that is an interesting city and is worth visiting. If I knew the weather wasn't so bad I would stop for a day.
From the train station I took the tramway and then the subway to the airport.
I had good weather on the 3 and half hours flight to Doha, but I couldn't see much other than dessert. I had to wait another 4 hours in the airport for the next flight, and I was already tired and bored. The flight to Bangkok took six hours and during this time I could barely sleep. On top on that, the local time was 6 hours ahead.

visa Turkey 12 USD
tramway fare 1.4 TRY
subway fare 1.4 TRY
lunch 5 TRY

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