Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Avoiding the crowd and the noise (09.02.09)

I am a morning person. I always been like that, and I like it this way. Sleep important for me, and If I don't get enough I feel tired, cranky, miserable. Ko Phi Phi is a gorgeous island, but also very crowded and noisy. It's too bad I only stayed a couple of days, but now it's time to go. I need something quiet. So I took a boat for an hour and half ride to Ko Lanta. This is more family orientated, quiet, and not crowded at all. Once that I arrived, I saw the difference. It looks like a county side village. I think I'm gonna like it here. It's a good place to recover. Catch up with the sleep. Heal the sunburns. Recover financially. The idea is to relax, although is a strange concept to me. How do people relax? Is it by doing nothing? 'cause I don't think I can do that. I was never able to completely shot down my brain. Sometimes, although rarely, the thoughts are running through my head so fast I barely sleep at night. I have found cheap accommodation in a bungalow by the beach. I wasn't very happy about it (because bathroom has no sink), but I took it for a day. Later on I went looking for others. It's a lot easier without baggage, and this island is big. I have found one a little more expensive but more likable, so I booked it for next day. On my way back I stopped at a restaurant on the side road and I had a lunch/dinner (Very tasty and cheap fried noodles with . When I got back I have somehow lost the key. I got another one at reception.In the evening I walked on the beach, watch the sunset, stay more on the beach, then got a bear and lay into hammock at my bungalow. Not so bad, I could say!
Expenses (bath)
breakfast 100
internet 20
room 300 Blue Andaman
room 400 Lanta Family
late lunch 40
water 15
beer 120


Anonymous said...

How are the girls there?

cbalasa said...

I haven't seen girls you are asking. They are are at Pattaya, haven't been there, and I don't think I'll make it. When I'll get to Phuket I'll let you know how are there.