Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phang Nga National Park (28.02.09)

Yesterday I left Khao Sok and headed to Phang Nga. I took a bus to Takua Pa (40 minutes), had lunch, waited for about one hour and half, and from there I took another bus to Phang Nga. I found accommodation in a hotel and booked a tour of Phang Nga park for the next day.This is famous for its karts scenery, with many tall (and some bizarre looking) limestones coming out of water. It wasn't much to do in this small town.The room at the hotel was almost at the main street (which is Hwy 4) and was very noisy. I did sleep OK, but I needed more hours. Therefore, first thing in the morning I booked another room in a different hotel (less noise, better price, but no TV anymore). This morning we left with a minibus to Tha Dan, a pier 8 km south. There we got in a long tail boat and we went for about one hour through channels in the mangrove forests. We passed Ko Panyi, a fishing village built on stilts, at the base on tall limestone cliffs. We kept going and visited 2 very nice caves on 2 different islands. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery around the Hong Island. We stopped for lunch on an island where I climbed in a mango tree and picked up 2 fruits. A little bit dangerous because of the funny ants that kept biting me all the time. Unfortunately there weren't ripe, but I still ate them ( a little bit sour). I had a quick swim and then we left for Ko Phing Kan (Leaning on Itself island). This is the biggest attraction around, because it was shown in a James Bond movie (The man with the golden gun) very long time ago. What's unique here is a big piece of rock that looks upside down. I returned to the pier very satisfied. If there is one negative thing to say, that would be the loud noise from the boat engine. Otherwise, fantastic scenery.

Expenses (bath)
bus ticket Takua Pa 60
bus ticket Phang Nga 60
lunch 25
mango 10
room 200 Ratanapong
tour Phang Nga 700
food 96
room 150 Thasuwik
laundry 50
milk 25
dinner 40

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Anonymous said...

food seems to be cheaper there...or you're eating less ...
Why didn't you buy something to put in you ears during the night?
Audrey Balasa