Sunday, February 8, 2009

(To all my friends) Wish you were here (07.02.09)

I arrived in Krabi at 9:30. I felt a little bit tired. I haven't slept 7 hours since I arrived in Istanbul. The boat left for Ko Phi Phi at 10am and it took 22 hours. I am the Save-the-best-for-the-last kind of a guy. Not this time! This is supposed to be the highlight of Thailand trip. As the boat was approaching the pier I knew I wasn't wrong. The view was so promising. I checked the prices of accommodations listed in few touristic boots, and it was a lot higher than I expected. I didn't panic and follow the common sense rule: the farther from the beach, the cheaper. In about 10 minutes I have found one good enough and at a decent price for this island. Ko Phi Phi wouldn't probably be so expensive if some dude wouldn't make a movie about a secret spectacular beach some years ago. In fact, this beach is not even here, but about 2 km south. Regardless, this island is amazing beautiful! It looks like two islands connects by a narrow strip of land, with beaches on both sides. After I got my room, showered, had lunch, I went exploring the island. A 30 minutes step climb got me to the highest viewpoint, standing at 186 meter of sea level. I just can't find the right word to describe the view. Fantastic, magnificent, awesome, there are not enough!This probably should go into dictionary under tropical paradise. I just sat there for a while and contemplate. I went down and then walk along the beach till next one - the long beach. I just couldn't wait anymore and I got in the water. It was so clear and warm, must had been around 30 degrees Celsius! I enjoyed my time till close to sunset, then I had early dinner, returned, changed, and went to a beach bar. I had a beer right on the beach, watch a fire show, listen to the music, without a care in the world. This is LIVING!
Expenses (bath)
lemon shake 30
mango shake 40
room 500 Rungatawan
snorkeling tour 800
tuna sandwich 70
stir fry chicken chestnuts 100
beer 60
chicken sandwich 70
internet 10
water 20

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Anonymous said...

Please post also some photos from the beach night party!