Saturday, March 14, 2009

Celebrating my birthday at Petronas Twin Towers (13.03.09)

In the evening I bought a combo burger and a beer. I drop the drink and put beer in the glass. I stayed on a bench in the park behind the Petronas Twin Towers, where there is a big fountain. The view of the towers and the surroundings is even more beautiful at night. Once the world tallest building, it is still very impressive today. Petronas is the National Oil company, so no wonder they had money to finance it. At the base of the tower is a huge shopping mall. The fountain is not anywhere close to those of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but is still nice. In these area (KLCC = KL City Center) there are a lot of very tall buildings. In the end I am glad I came to KL today.

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday...a little bit late but i'm sure you had a lot of joy to celebrate it so far away from an "everiday life"...
Audrey balasa