Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tioman Island - best snorkeling ever (08.03.09)

When I though it can't get any better than yesterday, comes a day like today. I went snorkeling again and this time to a different place, about an hour walk, to a place called Monkey Bay, a secluded beach. The water visibility was unbelievable, probably 15-20 meters, the white sand on the bottom made it even better, everything was so colourful, I felt like I was inside a big aquarium. I enjoyed so much, I did some free dives, probably 5 meters deep, around the corals. it never been more beautiful than today. On the other side of the beach, on the bottom I've seen a turtle. I looked at it for about a minute, standing still, then it slowly began going away. I followed for about a minute, then I couldn't see it anymore. When I looked on my left, about 5 meters from me and half meter from the surface, I saw a shark, about 2 meters long, looking at me. I studied it a bit, then it became curious and circled me slowly one time (...Oops...boss... I didn't mean to bother you). Then it went its way, along the reef. Later one I saw another shark, this time smaller and on the bottom, that completely ignored me. I saw few stingrays and again thousand of fishes, and few big fish (I would eat probably 2 weeks from one) I snorkeled for another hour and come back so happy. Life is good.

Expenses (RM)
room 30
breakfast 5
snorkel rental 7
internet 1
lunch 8.5
water 3.5
tuna sandwich 3

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