Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hiking in Cameron Highlands (15.03.09)

Yesterday I took a bus from KL to Cameron Highlands. This is a hill area, where are a lot of plantation. It is at higher altitude, so a lot of people come here to escape the heat. It looks like a mountain resort. I arrived in the afternoon, after more than 4 hours journey. Because it was raining, I couldn't go trekking. I just walked the main road in the small city I stayed, Tanah Rata. Today I went for a long hike. In the morning the sky looked OK, some clouds that I hoped they'll go away. A couple of hours into my trip, it started raining. When I got to the top of the mountain - Gurung Beremban (over 6000 ft) it was raining and I was in a cloud, I couldn't see anything. After another 1 hour I got to point where it was clear, even the rain stopped. I had a beautiful view from there. Should I've seen that valley from the road, it wouldn't be probably so interesting; after hiking for hours in jungle, while was raining, I have appreciated the view a lot more. On my way back I visited Robinson waterfall, a nice 20 meters drop with a good flow. When I got back it was raining again.

Expenses (RM)
bus ticket CH 28
room 30
lunch 12
breakfast 4
water 2
dinner 9
breakfast 6
lunch 14
dinner 6
water 2
room 30

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