Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on Singapore (05.03.09)

My day didn't start very well: my laptop gives me a headache, the wireless is gone. I have to fix it and that will cost time and money. I'll see what I can do.The tour I took has 2 circuits: one is focused on central and northern part of the city, the other one on downtown and shopping areas. I took the first one in the Little India, through Arab quarter, and China Town. This city is very dense populated: it has 4.8 million people on less that 700 sq km. 30% of the land is reclaimed (it was water before). It rained a little bit on the first tour. The weather is unpredictable. Since is very close to equator, the temperature is 33-35 degree Celsius. Most of population is Chinese (over 70%), followed by Malay, and then Indians. There is a very interesting colonial district, with old buildings since the British occupations. Most notables are Raffles Hotel and Fullerton The second tour included the famous Orchard road, full of malls that sell everything, synonym for Fifth Avenue and Champes Elysee. The Central Business District includes all the high rise buildings. Both tours have common the flyer, a big wheel with cabins (bigger than the one in London) from where you can see the city, and also can see Malaysia to north and Indonesia to south. I really like this city. I never thought I will say this, but I think I miss living in big, clean cities. I miss living in Toronto. After the river cruise I was tired, but satisfied.I went to a big IT mall to have my laptop fixed. It was so expensive I decided to buy an external DVD writer (my laptop doesn't have one) That wasn't cheap either, I was left only with bus money for the second day. In the evening I manage to reinstall the original Linux operating system and to my surprise everything went smooth and I am back in business.

Expenses (S$)
bed in dorm 20
sightseeing tour 33
external dvd writer 94
food 10

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