Thursday, March 12, 2009

Melaka (12.03.09)

Yesterday I left Tioman Island in the morning. The boat was late. The bus left 3 hours after I got to Mersing. Somewhere on the way the bus broke down so we switched to another bus. All this made me to arrive at Melaka in the evening, instead of noon as I desired. I found accommodation in China town, close to the center of the city. I had time just to walk a bit along Melaka river and in the China town, along the main street named Jonker. Today I went and visited a lot of historical sites. It was easy because they are all near each other, in historical center. The city was ruled by Malay, Portuguese, Dutch and British. I have visited the Maritime museum and Istana Kesultanan, a replica of 15th century palace of the sultan. Other attractions I've seen were St Paul's Church, Christ Church, Stadhuys, Porta de Santiago, Cheng Hoon Temple. I liked the city. It is charming and has a lot of history.

Expenses (RM)
burger 3
fruit 1
lunch 9
water 2
dinner 2
water 1
room 30
bus ticket 22
internet 4.5
room 30
water 2
breakfast 7
sunglasses 5
movie 7
museums 5
dinner 12
lunch 13
batteries 5

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