Thursday, March 5, 2009

Singapore - garden city (04.03.09)

I had to wake up 6am to catch the flight at 9:50am which was late 40 minutes for some reasons. I lived for many years in big cities with skyscraper, but I have to say that coming from southern Thailand in Singapore I was very impressed with the city. I found accommodation at a hostel in Little India and went exploring. I walked the streets about 7 hours. There are big buildings everywhere (85% of population lives buildings) but they all have a refined style. The skyline is beautiful, specially at night. There are trees and plants everywhere. City is very clean and there is harmony between buildings and surroundings. I decided to stay one more day a booked a sightseeing tour for the next day.

Expenses (Singapore dollar)
subway 1.9
bed in a dorm 20
food 4
juice 2
city tour 33
dinner 8
water 2

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