Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Penang (18.03.09)

Yesterday I took a bus from Cameron Highlands to Penang (4 hrs). This is an island connected to the land by a bridge 13 Km long. I found accommodation in China town and in the evening I went walking around. I've seen few streets in China town and some parts of te colonial city - Fort Cornwallis, Victoria Clocktower, City Townhall. Today I rented a motorcycle and went first to the Penang Hill.I took a funicular to the top on the hill, where was a mosque, a Hindu temple, a small hotel. When the weather is good, view from the hill is great. Unfortunately, when I got there it was cloudy. The next place I went was Kek Lok Si Temple, a large Buddhist temple. After that I headed north, and had a great ride along the sea for many kilometers. I went through 2 beach towns and at the end stopped to a national Park, where I took a 45 minutes hike (each way) to Monkey beach. The ride back along the coast was just beautiful. In the evening I had mexican food and beer, which was pretty expensive.

breakfast 2
bus 30
room 25
lunch 8
bus local 3
water 3
juice 3
room 25
dinner 40
lunch 7
moto rental 25
gas 5

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