Thursday, March 5, 2009

Patong Beach Phuket Island (03.03.09)

Patong beach is the second most visited place in Thailand, and when I got here I could tell why. This is an expensive place, but it does offers a very nice beach, and the night life is very animated. The city had many malls very clean, large, and modern. I have spoiled myself and got a hotel room like in the old times (it has AC, hot water, TV,etc.). Although I am not picky about accommodation I could say higher standard of living does make me feel good. There are tons of bars, the main street and main attraction is Bangla street (and few streets around). If in the day is nothing special, at night becomes totally different. There are flashy neon lights everywhere and hundreds of girls inviting you to drink to their bar. It has something resembling Las Vegas. This looks like a single man paradise. If you have money here, you can get young, beautiful women; doesn't matter if you are old, fat, bold, disgusting. It's all about money. It may not buy happiness, but definitely it can get a lease on it. I enjoyed my time in bars. Good thing I left this place for the last, should I came here first I might been tempted to spend all my time and money here.

Expenses (bath)
room 2x600
breakfast 35
mango shake 30
lunch 90
steak 200
beer 90
movie 120
breakfast 40
lunch 140
diner 120
beer 2x90
joint ticket airport 200

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