Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tioman Island -sun and water (07.03.09)

In the morning, as I was walking around, I saw a group of monkeys. Later, while I was having breakfast, I saw huge lizard. Didn't seem to be bother by the people walking nearby. At the small place I had breakfast I have found good cheap price for snorkel rental, and although I didn't plan for snorkeling, I went for it. I walked all the way to the north of the beach, where I got on the water. From there I went around the shore line north and back, for about an hour and half each way. I saw a small (about 1.5 m) shark, 3 stingrays, and beautiful corals and thousand fish. I spent about 3 hours in the water. There is so much beauty in the water. I don't think diving can get much better than this. For lunch I had fried noodles with chicken, it was different from same thing in Thailand, very tasty also. I had a good nap and went walking south of the beach, to the next one. There are nicer beach with good sand, if I was into laying there and getting a sun tan. Also I have seen a small beach bar ( I though there are none on this island), but it was quiet. The other beach - Tekek - (which is the main on the island) is going through slow development. I guess 10 years from now this will be over crowded with tourists, just like Thailand. After I returned and went the other way I have found another small and quiet beach bar (I do hate them for the noise). They have a great happy hour deal so I stayed and got 3 beers. While I was sitting there, 3 meters from the water, watching the sunset, the light reflecting into the water, the horizon line and vast see, I was just hit by the beauty of this picture. The words can not possibly describe it. I am so happy for being here. Watching beautiful places at TV is not anywhere close to actually being there. I know that this will not last forever, but, after all, what does? Later on I has a burger and walked more around. It is a bit windy and the sea seems agitated. Because I live few steps away from water, I will take some precaution measures: I will put my valuables higher, I case I will get water in my bungalow at night (extreme unlikely though).

Expenses (RM)
omelet 3
milk 2
snorkel rental 7
lunch 8.5
water 3.5
3 beers 10
burger 3
room 30

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