Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perhentian Islands(21.03.09)

The day before yesterday I took a bus to Kota Bharu (almost 8 hours). I didn't do much in the afternoon, except watch the movie on the rooftop at the hostel I was staying. Yesterday morning was raining hard when I took the minibus to Kuala Besut. This is a small town 45 km away from Kota Bharu; when I got there it wasn't raining anymore. From there I took a speed boat to the Perenthian Kecil (small island). After I got the room on the Long beach, I went for a swim. The weather was great. I have spent the entire day at the beach, under an umbrella. The beach has fine sand and water is warm and crystal clear. What I liked the most was the cool breeze in the late afternoon. At night there was a beautiful clear sky. Today I spent the day at the Coral bay, a 10 minute walk from the long beach. I returned to the Kota Bharu late in the evening.

bus ticket Kota Bharu 37
room 20
minibus Kuala Besut 10
ferry 2x35
dinner 7
breakfast 2
room 30
park fee 5
taxi boat 2
umbrella rental 10
lunch 22
beer 9
dinner 11
breakfast 9
lunch 15
taxi 17
dinner 10
clothes 17
fruit 2
water 1
room 20
baggage storage 2

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Anonymous said...

beer is as expensive as your breakfeast!